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Another book review

Generally I’m not a fan of footnotes, even in Terry Pratchett’s books, but the author of Happy Hour of the Damned, Mark Henry really, really uses them well. I love this book! It’s extremely funny in places (no worries: no spoilers here — although there’s this one bit about [deleted] that made me laugh out loud and has stayed with me ever since, causing public snickering whenever it pops into my head).* It reminded me of the first “Queen Betsy” book by Mary Janice Davidson in some ways (shoes and shopping), but Happy Hour is better written; more stylish. I’m really looking forward to the author’s next book.

I could discuss the too-early morning activities of my cat, Fat Bastard, but I’ll save it for after my nap maybe. 🙂

*Like, you know, you’re in a public restroom stall, all by yourself (you better be!), and suddenly you remember something that always, always makes you laugh, so you start giggle-snorting because you’re trying to suppress it so the chick in the next stall doesn’t get nervous that there’s a whacko next door and call 911 on her cell. Don’t you hate people who use cell phones in public bathrooms?


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