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There’s just no pleasing me.

Matters of the Blood by Maria Lima: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery.  The author had some good ideas, and the mystery is decent, but the book needed a solid editing for continuity.  At times, the “voice” of the book had a weird immature quality.  I think Maria Lima will be an author to keep an eye on, though.

Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis: urban fantasy, mystery.  Okay, I admit it.  I didn’t even get to chapter two.  I find most attempts at writing dialect annoying, and that’s how the book starts; sort of a ‘hillbillies ‘r’ us” tone.  Yes, it reverts back to standard speech with the introduction of the main characters, but from the little bit I read, there was a preachy/lecturing tone sometimes.  I am also getting a little tired of supernatural detective agencies. 🙂  So, I can’t really comment on whether the book was good or not, but I will anyway.

Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear: urban fantasy, werewolves.  I love werewolves.  I’d rather be a shapeshifter than a vampire any day.  And yep, I have to admit I didn’t finish this one either, although I made it about half way through.  ::le sigh::  I guess I just don’t get the animal heat thing.  Here is the heroine of our tale, Bella, in the midst of some wild disaster involving getting shot and captured, thinking about her would-be lover’s muscular thighs.  She can’t get her mind off of this guy (who is also a were).  There gets to be a whiny quality about her musings as well…why, why doesn’t he want me?  Why, why doesn’t he want to set up house and have puppies?  She’s a couple of hundred years old and sounds like a high school girl with a crush.  Plus, and this is picky, in the prologue, which is set in 1850, she is apparently wearing crotchless panties.   So, I’d give this one a pass, too.

All that said, if anyone wants any of these books, please let me know.  I’d be happy to mail them to you.

~ the grumpy hermit


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