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Ah, tax day

Gotta love it. I always like how the IRS can take their time about getting refunds to people but we, the taxpayers, had best not be late writing out a check to them. I am particularly grieved about it this year because I owed NYS a sizable sum.

So, to soothe my grief, I am treating myself to smoked eel sushi for lunch. I’m something of a wasabi and pickled ginger whore, so it doesn’t actually matter to me much what the sushi beneath is, but I do like smoked eel. The only thing that would make this better is a jug of sake.

I recently finished Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder. The verdict is: disappointed. I enjoyed the first in the series, Poison Study, a great deal, Magic Study (book 2) somewhat less, but I always hold out hope for the series I like. It’s not that Fire Study was poorly written, not at all, and I like the characters, and the plot was cool. What I found irritating, though, was Yelena’s exponentially increased powers. It seemed as though whatever difficulties she and her group ran into, she suddenly had the power to get them out of it. Her horse, Kiki, seemed to get smarter by the page, too. So, although I’m not sorry I read the book, it just left me feeling dissatisfied.

Maybe the sushi will help.


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Outsourcing passports

As someone who has just applied for a passport, I am more than a little disturbed by this. It seems like the height of stupidity to hand over not only all of that personal information about US citizens, but an endless supply of blank passport books to any country outside the US. Aren’t passports considered integral to national security? Feh.

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