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Diana Pharaoh Francis has started something interesting in The Cipher: A Novel of Crosspointe. The world is very detailed and appealing, and well-built. The magic system is very different and, considering this is a magic system we’re talking about, believable. The cast of characters is one of the more interesting that I’ve encountered, and the reader quickly becomes enmeshed in a ‘how the hell they gonna get out of THIS’ mindset. My only caveat with this book is that the writing style is a little wooden, particularly in the beginning. As the plot unfolds, that caveat becomes less noticeable and less important to the reader’s enjoyment. I am guardedly looking forward to the next in the series.

I recently finished Passage: The Sharing Knife Book 3 by one of my favorite authors Lois Mcmaster Bujold. My enjoyment of book three lead me to re-read the first two volumes and, ahem, now I’m reading the third again. Although sometimes Dag’s ruminations on his magic abilities, and the possible wider implications, get tiresome, this is a small complaint. The series is populated with a group of people you would really like to know, in a world you’d really like to live in. As Spark herself might add, “I can’t say fairer than that.”

At the moment, I’m not reading much in the way of urban fantasy because I’m scribbling away at my own UF. I find that reading in the same genre in which I’m trying to write throws me off. Somewhere in this blog I’m going to post a bit of that writing for anyone who wants to trash comment on it. 🙂


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