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In the Blood by Savannah Russe

Darkwing Chronicles, Book 4, In the Blood: I’m behind in this series, but that will just lead to more joy when Under Darkness (Darkwing #5) comes out May 6th. I’ve got this instant gratification problem when it comes to books.

I forgot about this series altogether (pause for shamed silence) and only rediscovered it when I ransacked my house for something new to read. I have teetering piles of books that I have not yet devoured, but you know how it is — you have to be in the mood for that particular genre of book. So, lo, there it was on my shelf, a virgin paperback full of vampiric lust activities.

I remembered why I like this series so much. The characters are well drawn (even Gunther the rat) and the plots move right along. This particular book has a bit more introspection on Daphne’s part, but I think it is done well, without pages and pages of angst, rending of clothes, and tearing of hair. It was just right.

Now, on the all important subject of rending clothes: I confess I usually skip the erotic scenes in most books I read, whether they’re paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, or whatever. (Well, some of the historical romances are hilarious in their descriptions of anatomical parts, but that’s another review for another time.) But I read the ones written in In the Blood. Honey. They were hot. A taste for rough sex and bdsm helps, of course, but the style of writing fit the subject matter: no creamy thighs and delicate sighs of pleasure here.

So, I do recommend this title, as well as the others in Ms. Russe’s series. I am looking forward to the next one. I think I’m going to have to get a job in a bookstore so I can sneak books before their street dates.


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