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Kim Harrison: book review

You know how you’ll be reading (i.e., addicted to) a series that starts a long, painful decline into mediocrity or worse? But, of course, you keep reading it because you like the characters and you cherish the hope that it will get better. Well, Kim Harrison’s series does not fall into that category. The Outlaw Demon Wails maintains the same caliber as the previous novels, maybe even a tad better. Hallelujah! I like how the author handles villains, for want of a better word; I want a pixie tribe of my own; and the scenes with Ivy are just hot. Nothing like ongoing sexual/power tensions.

My only kvetch about this book is that Rachel’s belligerence and stubbornness really started to get on my nerves. Yes, I know conflict drives the plot forward, but there were times I wanted to send Rachel to her room. Possibly even ground her. Part of this reaction may be because I am growing older and hence more stubborn, bitchy, and outspoken myself. I find myself reacting this way to characters in other books and tv shows.

I can’t blame it all on impending menopause; I deeply fear I am channeling my mother’s ghost. I caught myself pursing my lips disapprovingly at a young maiden’s very visible ass antlers the other day, and had to suppress the urge to tell her to pull up her pants.

::sigh:: But I digress. The book is very good, well worth the read, and if you haven’t read the entire series, I recommend you start at the beginning with Dead Witch Walking.


April 10, 2008 Posted by | Book reviews | | 2 Comments