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Patricia Briggs: book reviews

Sneaky publishers and their shiny new covers on old books. Gotta watch ’em like hawks. Recently, Ace reissued a couple of Patricia Briggs‘ older fantasy novels, like Steal the Dragon and When Demons Walk, probably capitalizing on the success of the Mercy Thompson series (which I love). The two books mentioned above fall into the realm of what I call ‘comfort food’ reading. They’re easy and quick and generally satisfying. Maybe I should call it ‘fast food’ reading. 🙂 To me, they are basically mature young adult books, so if you’re looking for some steamy erotica, give these a pass. If you’re looking for some better-than-average fantasy, with a dash of romance, you’ll probably enjoy these. One minor irritation with Steal the Dragon was that the heroine of the story, Rialla, seemed to be far too knowledgeable and well spoken for a slave of common trader stock. I know, picky picky.


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